About This Site

It is easy to spend a lot of money on a web site, even if you host your site with an inexpensive, but reliable web hosting company. You can spend a lot of money on site design, search engine optimizations, graphics, interactive scripts, third party features, ecommerce features, and many more items. The list is nearly endless.

However, with care and effort, a frugal webmaster can avoid many of these expenses and minimize the remaining expenses. Just as it is possible to get low cost, affordable and reliable web hosting, it is possible find free or low cost replacements for most web site needs -- especially if one is willing to actually be the webmaster and do much of the work.

Here at The Cheap Web Hosting Report, our mission is to help you help you design, produce, and operate a great web site for yourself, your family, or an organization or business -- without spending a lot of money. This information on low cost web hosting solutions as well as articles on web site hosting, site design and promotion, and online business practices.