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Web Site Design with Templates

Using a web site template or a content management system is a great way to jump start your web site design. Templates can provide the basic look of your website, leaving you only with the far easier task of creating the content. Most recent templates are designed with modern site design techniques (e.g. CSS used for layout) which can help make optimizing your site for search engines easier. Content Management Systems take this one step further, they not only provide you with a site design but with a way of entering and editing content for your web site using your web browser so that little or no knowledge of html or css are needed to create your web site.

Free Web Site Templates

There are a large number of free web site templates available on the web. Many of them are not worth looking at due to poorly designed templates and/or excessive restrictions on their usage. The following sites have a good selection of generally nicely designed free templates without excessive usage restrictions.

Free Content Management Systems

There are a large number of free, open source content management systems available to use to create your web site. All of these are web software systems (aka scripts) that must be installed on your web space on your web host to function. Fortunately, most web hosts provide methods to automatically install a number of content management systems with the push of a button on your web browser. Content management systems range from weblogs like Wordpress to Wikis to systems that include article publishing, forums, calendars, and much more. Fortunately, there is a very nice web site that provides hands-on examples of a large number of different content management systems that you can test drive without having to install anything.

Professional Web Site Templates

While free web site design templates can be very affordable, you run the risk of your site looking the same as thousands of other sites on the web. The Cheap Web Hosting Report has partnered with one of the best and most affordable template sites on the web to bring you affordable and professional looking templates which are far less likely to be used by thousands of other sites. Thousands of template choices are available and most even can be customized to your specifications for an additional fee. With some, you can even purchase more exclusive usage rights.

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