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Tips to Improve Contextual Targeting on your Site

As an Adsense publisher, I am often annoyed to find my web pages filled with public service announcements (PSA) and ads unrelated to the content of my site. Fewer relevant ads means fewer click-throughs and ultimately lower Adsense revenues. However advanced Google's contextual ad serving algorithm may be, it is still a computer program (as opposed to a human being) trying to figure out what a web page is about.

Move Over AdSense!

Yahoo Publishing Network.

It's here.

AdSense lovers and former AdSense lovers alike have been waiting for an alternative to the grand daddy of pay per click advertising, and now they have it.

Rolled out by Yahoo, the program is titled the Yahoo Publisher Network.

Right now the program is still in "Beta" or the last software testing phase before a production rollout.

While it is still early, YPN is getting high scores in most categories.

Adsense and Chitika Compared

You've heard about Chitika but need to get a feel for how it differs from Adsense and whether it'll be of use to you in making more money from your site? We attempt to outline the main differences between these two major affiliate programs.

The Differences

Age of the program: Adsense has been around for a few years now but Chitika is only a few months old. In fact, despite all the news and buzz, it's still in beta.

Adsense Blindness - How To Beat It!

Adsense blindness is a topic that is becoming more relevant with each passing day based on the enormous success of Google's Adsense program. The amazing success of the Adsense program has led to what seems like universal adoption of Google's ad serving technology. The problem is that the ubiquity of Adsense is causing more and more people to unconsciously filter Adsense ads as they view websites. The question that this article seeks to answer is what can be done to recapture the revenue that is being lost?

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