Should You Bother Learning HTML To Build Webpages?

The most popular method to build webpages today is to use WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) software. Microsoft FrontPage and Macromedia Dreamweaver are prime examples of WYSIWYG software. Both programs allow you to create webpages as though you were creating a document with your favourite word processing software like Microsoft Word or WordPerfect. Its as simple as entering paragraphs, headings and inserting clipart or images.

How to Build a Basic CSS Layout

Designing without tables by using CSS layouts is fast becoming the new standard on the Web because of the benefits mentioned in my previous article. Web browsers used these days are now able to render web pages proficiently. In this article I will endeavor to create a basic 2 column CSS layout which you can use for future design projects.

Here is the live web page of the basic CSS layout:

Creating Rollover Effect Using CSS List Menus

Ever seen those fancy links where they change the appearance as soon as you place your mouse cursor on them. See a simple example of a rollover effect here. The CSS definition of this simple example goes like this:

== Code begins ==


Cascading Stylesheets: 5 Reasons To Use CSS

Cascading Stylesheets has become more and more important in today's webdesign.

But before you decide to get started using CSS you should know why CSS is so important and what its advantages are.

1. The content is separated from the design

Because you are able to create a separate Stylesheet and link it to all your webdocuments, you have great control over how your website looks. So if you want to change a certain aspect of your page, you only need to alter one file: your Stylesheet!

Printing and Sending: the Two Things Users Want to Do

There's something you have to realise about the way users interact with articles. To put it simply, they don't just want to read them: they also want to print them out, and send them on to their friends, family and colleagues. If you can make it easier for them to do this, then your site will be a hit. But how? Well, read on.

The Print and Send Links

The Three Principles of HTML Code Optimization

Just like spring cleaning a house, the html code of your web pages should get periodic cleaning as well. Over time, as changes and updates are made to a web page, the code can become littered with unnecessary clutter, slowing down page load times and hurting the efficiency of your web page. Cluttered html can also seriously impact your search engine ranking.

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