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Finding Catchy Keywords and Search Terms

Someone is looking for you, but the problem is they don’t know you yet!

Your future business is going to be split into 2 groups: people who know you and people who don’t know you. Those who know you can find you easily and even the least optimized website can be found by someone typing in your buisiness name or domain name directly into their browser.

Top 10 Tips to Guaranteed Targeted Traffic

Increasing targeted traffic to your website is one of the easiest ways to boost your online productivity. Here are the top 10 effective strategies that will help you accomplish that:

1. Optimize Your Website

While SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a full-time career option, you can either hire an expert to do this or follow the suggestions below and get the ball rolling yourself -

What Do You Look For When Tracking Your Visitors?

Many online entrepreneurs are increasingly realizing that tracking & analysing their traffic can make all the difference for their business. In simple terms, trying to market your business online without tracking your visitor is like trying to drive a car in total darkness.

With the high number of tracking tools available online these days, there is really no excuse for anybody failing to track their visitors to find out where their traffic is coming from and what visitors are doing on your website.

Using Smaller Search Engines for Big Profits

Google, Yahoo and MSN. Most webmasters and online marketers spend a lot of their time trying to get listed in the big three search engines. But trying to figure out the algorithms and robot visits for these SE's can mean changing your site for the search engines and not for your customers.

As an example, our partner site has an extremely hard time ranking with Google and Yahoo becuase the keywords are so competitive. Without spending money on PPC campaigns and other advertising, they could never be found on Google.

Understanding Banner Advertising

What is banner advertising?

A banner ad is a graphic that is displayed on a network of websites. When someone clicks on that banner, they are taken to the site of the person, or company, that owns the banner.

Some banner advertising program operates on an "exchange" basis, meaning that you usually have to add someone else's banner to your site. Every time someone else's banner pop ups on your site, you earn credits to have your banner displayed on the advertising network.

Here are some terms you need to know about banners:

Online Advertising in a Nutshell

Internet is getting very important part in our lives, especially in business. Successful business can't be imagined without Internet presence. Many companies have their own corporate web sites and email newsletters but it is not enough. Online advertising is the next logical part of every integrated marketing campaign in order to spread the word about your company.

Effective Ways to Promote Your Website

Promoting your website can be a daunting task: it feels like there are thousands of ways to do it, but all of them take a lot of time or money for no guaranteed return. To help solve this problem, I've compiled a list of ten easy ways to promote your website.

Web Site Promotion - Are You Requesting Free Backlinks?

Everyone who is trying to improve their web site's ranking wants backlinks. This is an essential ingredient to your web site promotion strategy. Some happen because the right person (a webmaster) stumbled across your web site and likes your content. But you can get many more links on other web sites pointing to yours - if only you ask them. One-way links (where they link to your page but you don't have to link back) are much more valuable to your web site promotion than link exchanges, and they often take the same amount of effort to obtain.

Seven Simple Ways That You Can Promote Your Website

At times, website promotion can seem confusingly complicated. There seem to be so many, sure-fire new ways to get thousands of hits to your site. Whilst some of these methods work, most just waste your time.

So, welcome back to the basics of website promotion - Seven simple, effective, ways to promote your site. Learn something new, or just remind yourself of an 'old favourite'.

1. Submit Your Site To Search Engines & Directories


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